Fee Free Client Billing Now Available at WPMU DEV

Fee Free Client Billing Now Available at WPMU DEV

It’s here! Our most hotly requested feature since the launch of WPMU DEV Hosting. A full-scale, automated, and free billing system for you and your clients.

Invoicing clients is the best (getting paid) and the worst (nightmare) part of running a web development business.

Managing overdue invoices, making sure monthly fees are paid, hassling customers, and manually managing and reconciling it all.

Which is why, when you asked us to help with that, we were all ears and got to work.

So, today, I’d like to officially introduce Client Billing, included for free, with your WPMU DEV membership. :)

The Hub - Client Billing Dashboard
Meet your new money maker…Client Billing!

And it’s ready for you to use, RIGHT NOW.

Just visit The Hub, click on Client Billing, connect your Stripe account (if you haven’t got one already, you should get one, they are amazing) and you are ready to go.

Keen to know *why* you should immediately change how you bill your clients, right now? Well then, read on, or click on a link below to jump to that section (best to read it all…you don’t want to miss out!) …

Automated Subscriptions

One of the most beautiful things in the world are subscriptions. Well, as long as you are the person charging them. ;)

A critical focus of our new billing system is that it allows you to easily set up, manage, and enjoy the benefits of subscriptions, all from your hub.

Client Billing - Products & Services
Create MRR subscriptions with Client Billing faster than you can say ka-ching!

Not only can you manage all aspects of all subscriptions, but you can also track your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from one easy dashboard.

Client Management Tools (Eventually a full-blown CRM)

Imagine having everything you need to manage clients, invoices, and subscriptions, in one place.

That’s what you get with client billing, plus there’s a lot more we have planned for the future. And eventually we imagine this to be a full-blown CRM that rivals the best on the web.

But as of right now, you have a ton of amazing and flexible client management tools at your disposal, including custom fields for clients, which allow our members (i.e. you) to create your own public and private fields under client profiles where you can add fields to keep private notes about clients or add details such as VAT number, or alternate client contact numbers. This is the first step towards the CRM.

Add / invite clients, view and edit contact details, billing history, account status, subscriptions, and more – all from one dashboard. Easy!

Branded Invoices & Emails

It’s important to dress-to-impress when it comes to your front-facing emails and invoices.

Lucky for you, all CB invoices and emails come loaded on professional and sleek templates (more coming soon!)

Templates you can customize to include your branding, logo, colors, and other handy additions.

Check out what the white labeled emails look like.

We also plan to add more email and invoice templates, and offer further customization in the future, so watch this space!

Client Billing Invoice
Select your client, enter your invoice details, and click the button to send out an invoice…simple!

Completely White Label

Client Billing is also built right into The Hub Client which means that, if you choose, your clients NEVER need to hear about WPMU DEV, ever.

From the already mentioned white label emails, to branding to your own, complete Hub experience (on as many different sites and with as many different brands as you like).

Every part of Client Billing (and, of course, The Hub Client) has been set up to allow you to provide a complete white label environment and we’ll be continuing to make this experience even better for you going forward (more customizations, better custom designs).

Client Billing - White Label

User-Friendly Client Portal

Yeah, comprehensive billing and management features are great and all… but what about the client side of things??

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten them.

In fact, we’ve gone all out to make it super easy for them to pay you on time, every time.

It all goes down in your own dedicated client portal, which you can choose to fully-white label (using The Hub Client), or use as normal.

Here your clients can pay invoices using a super secure and easy Stripe checkout (we don’t store sensitive client info such as credit card details).

Once your clients approve the first payment of a subscription/recurring invoice, they will then be auto-charged from subsequent invoices of that subscription, so they will not have to authorize payments every month, and more importantly for you.… NO MORE LATE PAYMENTS!


Manage unlimited WP sites for free

Unlimited sites
No credit card required

Finally, you can allow clients to edit their billing details and payment method, and give them controlled access to hosting, sites, analytics, and more. Depending on what kind of business you’re running.

…Hmmm what else have I missed… Oh yes!

Offline Payments, Refunds, Taxes, Multiple Currencies, and More

Along with the top-draw features, we’ve also packed a whole bunch of other time-saving and convenient options into Client Billing to make your billing life as easy as possible.

Handy features like:

Accepting offline payments – if your client prefers to pay you via cash, cheque or any other method, you can still use Client Billing. It’s as easy as marking an invoice as paid with the payment notes…and we’ll balance the books for you through Stripe.

Refunds – Refund invoices right from the billing interface. Clients can also request refunds from their client portal (coming soon).

Setting taxes – Set your own tax rates and add multiple taxes to your invoices.

Choosing currency – Set invoices and billing to your chosen currency (Stripe currently supports around 135+ different currencies). Note: Once you have set your chosen currency, all of your billing will be processed in that currency (we do not support multi-currency payments yet!).

Smooth, Seamless, and Secure Checkout

When you tie it all together, your clients get a smooth and seamless checkout experience, starting with an email invoice branded with your logo and color with a button they can click on to make payment.

Client Billing - Branded Email Invoice
Send your clients a branded email invoice…they won’t resist clicking on the button.

Clicking on the Pay Invoice button takes them to an itemized list of all the products and services included in your invoice.

Client Billing Itemized Invoice
Your payment is just a couple of clicks away…

The checkout process is smooth, seamless, and secure. Your clients can make payments for one-off services, or start a subscription without leaving your site using Stripe’s integrated payment processes.

Client Billing Checkout
Your clients pay using Stripe’s secure checkout processes and never leave your site.

After successful payment, your clients are immediately taken to a screen where they can view their complete order details and download a copy of their paid invoice.

Client Billing - Successful Transaction
Clients are taken to a completed order screen after making a successful invoice payment.

Your invoice is now paid and the money’s on its way…all seamlessly automated!

Comprehensive Documentation and Support

You know how new parents often complain there’s no perfect guide on how to raise their kids? Well, this baby comes with a hefty manual!

We provide in-depth step-by-step documentation covering every aspect of setting up client billing for your business, plus check our blog for tutorials on how to grow your business using client billing to get paid automatically for your services and generate monthly recurring revenue (MRR) reselling our hosting services.

And if that’s not enough, you also have help all around with 24/7 access to our expert support team and our vibrant and active member community and forums.

Included with Every Membership…Even Free!

If WordPress is free as in beer, WPMU DEV’s Client Billing is free as in lunch.

If you are a WPMU DEV …

  • Freelance or Agency Member, we will not charge you anything, whatsoever, to use this service. You don’t need to pay a fee to have access to it, you just got it for free. And unlike pretty much every other billing provider out there, we don’t even charge a percentage of any transaction. You quite literally get this included, for free in your WPMU DEV membership.
  • Free, Basic, or Standard Member, you also get Client Billing included for free in your WPMU DEV membership, and we’ll only charge you a 2.1% fee on the transaction amount for administering the service.

Coming Soon To Client Billing…

We have only just opened the door to what’s coming in the weeks and months ahead for Client Billing.

Some additional goodies you can expect we’ll be adding soon to the delectable buffet of  Client Billing features include:

  • Automated domain purchasing with subscriptions.
  • Automated hosting deployment (with customized templates!)… also with subscriptions.
  • 2022 investigation into adding further payment gateways in addition to Stripe.
  • Other features that are also in the pipeline (we’ll keep you posted on these!)

Help Make Our Client Billing Beta Better…and Get Paid While Doing It!

Client Billing is currently in Beta but it’s live and fully functional, so we invite you to start using it today, let us know how it’s working for you, and how we can improve it to help take your business to the next level.

If you have any questions, check out our Client Billing documentation, refer to our blog, or contact our 24/7 support team.

Have you started using the client billing feature yet to invoice your clients? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

James Farmer

James Farmer CEO of Incsub, WPMU DEV, CampusPress & Edublogs