Web File Management Comes to WPMU DEV Hosting

Web File Management Comes to WPMU DEV Hosting

We ran our 2020 survey. We asked you what you’d like. You told us, among other things, a web-based file manager for your managed WordPress hosting. So, here you go.

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Basically you were looking for the ability to simply upload and edit files in your hosting account using a file manager interface instead of SFTP. We get that. It’s a pain having to set up a client etc. and so we put this one in the ‘do it now’ queue.

And now it’s ready for you.

How Do I Access File Manager?

To access File Manager, your site(s) must be hosted with WPMU DEV.

After that, it gets all too easy!

First, log into your account, go to The Hub, and click on the main Hosting menu.

The Hub - Hosting
Access your hosting inside The Hub.

Next, select your site and click on either the hosting menu link or hosting panel to access the tools and settings for your domain.

Select your site
Select your site and click on hosting.

Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and click on Manage Files.

Manage Files
Click on Manage Files.

And voila…File Manager!

File Manager
File Manager interface.

Need to quickly rename, move, upload, or delete a file on your site? Just use the toolbar and right-click menu inside File Manager to navigate through folders and edit your files.

FileManager right-click menu.
Use the toolbar and right-click menu to edit files.

File manager lets you edit (right-click + Edit file) and preview (right-click + Preview) your files…

Edit and preview files inside File Manager
Edit and preview files inside File Manager.

Note: To help prevent inadvertent edits or deletions, core WordPress files are locked (read-only) and cannot be edited in the File Manager. If you must edit core WP files, use an SFTP connection instead.

File Manager also lets you zip (and unzip) folders and files (to zip, select items, then right-click and choose Create archive > Zip archive).

File Manager Archiving
You can also compress and extract folders and files.

And edit, resize, crop, and rotate images.

File Manager image editing
Edit images stored on your server.

You can also configure your application preferences and settings.

File Manager Preferences
Configurable preferences and settings? Check!

In short, now you don’t have to mess with SFTP to perform simple file transfers and edits. Just use the file manager interface instead!

Note: File manager is available for both production (live) and staging sites.

The Hub - Staging site - File Manager
You can also manage your files in staging sites.

For more details on how to upload, edit, and delete your files using File Manager, see our documentation.

Manage More Than Just Files…

File Manager is just one of the many time-saving tools and profit-increasing services we make available to WPMU DEV members.

We’ve also recently added other features to our managed WordPress hosting service that our members requested, like email, DNS manager, cloning templates, WAF, and more!


So, stay tuned and watch this space for more exciting announcements coming soon!

Have you tried File Manager yet? Post your comments and feedback below.

Martin Aranovitch

Martin Aranovitch Martin Aranovitch is a blog writer and editor at WPMU DEV. He is a self-taught WP user who has been teaching businesses how to use WordPress effectively almost since the platform began. When he is not writing articles and tutorials, he’s probably off bushwalking in the mountains. Connect with Martin on LinkedIn, Facebook, and his WordPress client training website.