Exclusive Discounts And Partnerships For Our Members

Exclusive Discounts And Partnerships For Our Members

We are excited to finally make this thing officially official!

In case you missed it, last week we published our roadmap for the rest of 2018. There is a ton of product stuff in there, some of which is so big, we can’t even tell you just yet.

This week, we want to share one of those new surprises, exclusively for members, and available now.

New Partner and Discount Program

We’ve reached out to many of our favorite tools and services in order to score pretty hefty discounts for members.

In fact, there is already over $420 in savings available. And we aren’t going to rest until you could take advantage of all of these discounts so that our entire WPMU DEV yearly membership will more than pay for itself.

You can see a list of who is included here: wpmudev.org/partners.

partner products at a discount
Get the best plugins, theme builders and WordPress services at *exclusive* discounted prices.

About Our Partners

You will find well-known page builders, popular plugins, and several related web services on the list.

In all cases, we will only add partners that we either actually use internally or that we know from supporting our members that they are high quality and useful.

You’ll also find that with those we list, we are committed to ensuring that our plugins and services play nice. This is part of a new general direction that we laid out earlier this year. We feel confident that these are all tools and services that you will want to use.

These are not affiliate links and we’re not getting any kickbacks. But, by using a partner link, the stronger our relationships will grow (and the better the discounts we can get). Of course, we will always pass those savings on to you.

friends networking
We’re using our network of friends to get you huge discounts…nice!

Interested In Recommending A Partner?

If you are with a WordPress or web-related company, or you’d like to recommend a potential partner, we would love to hear from you!

Just complete this quick form and we will be in touch.

PS: We should note, discounts are available only to current members. Not a member yet, get started with a free 30-day trial – which will include these discounts and access to all of our plugins and services too.

We're excited to bring even more value to a WPMU DEV Membership. What else would you like to see? Tell us below.

Ronnie Burt

Ronnie Burt Ronnie graduated with a BA in Mathematics from The University of Texas and then an MBA from LeTourneau University. Living in Austin, Texas, he worked for 11 years growing Edublogs, CampusPress, and WPMU DEV and interned for four years at UT Austin’s Web Accessibility Institute. He now works on senseilms over at Automatic.