Say Hello To The Future Of Image Optimization – Smush 3.0 Is Here!!!

Say Hello To The Future Of Image Optimization – Smush 3.0 Is Here!!!

Smush 3.0 is here and she comes bearing futuristic image optimization superpowers for WordPress! Your favorite image optimization tool now powers a Global Image Delivery Network – 40 Tbps, 45 points of presence, WebP compression and AUTOMATIC IMAGE SCALING.

Sounds pretty awesome…but what does it all mean?

With +13.5 million downloads, Smush has proven itself to be the choice web image optimization tool for WordPress. Image optimization is not only about making smaller files, it’s about speed and quality and Smush is queen…Yas kween!

We want to provide the most simple option for getting your images right but there has always been something missing – image resizing. We’ve finally cracked it! Plus a few major new upgrades including a UX refresh.

So grab your favorite celebratory beverage and let’s take a look at the all-new Smush.

Smush Features Her Own Blazingly Fast CDN

Smush 3.0 brings full-stack image compression, scaling, and quality optimization together in one incredible new tool and it’s all made possible because of her brand new global network of servers.

Smush CDN Activation
Deliver your images blazing fast from Smush’s 40 Tbps servers…I’d call that super fast.

Pro users can now use the Smush CDN to deliver their images from her 40 terabytes per second servers located in 45 locations around the world. Closer servers mean faster speeds and faster speeds mean better page rank.

The Smush CDN is currently in beta and ready for our pro members including 10GB of bandwidth – upgraded packages are coming soon :)

WebP Formatting: Sharper Images 25 Percent Smaller

Smush has always been a wizard when it comes to choosing the right file format and adjusting on the fly including PNG to JPEG conversion. Smush will now create, store and deliver WebP images to compatible browsers.

WP Smush Pro CDN settings
The new Smush CDN is not just faster delivery, it’s better quality at the right size!

WebP images are richer in quality and 25 to 30 percent lighter than PNGs and JPEGs. Again, better quality and smaller image files. It’s a win all around.

Wrong Size Detection And True Image Resizing

Have you ever run Smush on your site and still get the ‘images need optimized’ warning on your PageSpeed test? Not any more!

Smush has always been a master at compression and now she can detect if an image is too big for its container, create a copy that fits, and deliver it – all before you can blink. It’s the future I tell you!

Smush wrong size detection
Turn on wrong size detection and quickly locate images that are slowing down your site.

And for our free users, we’ve included a ‘wrong size image finder’. Activate and your image will be highlighted with smart tips for scaling your images.

Refreshing New Look

Ever since our Crispr makeover, we’ve been modernizing and standardizing our interface across all our plugins and services. The Smush 3.0 interface puts everything where it should be – new and familiar all at the same time.

New Smush Interface
Smush has everything you need to share sharp, fast images in WordPress.

Plus, if you’re already running WordPress 5.0, Smush integrates with your image blocks. View all your stats and information about your information right inside the new post and page editor. Now available in both our Pro and Free versions of Smush.

And of course, it can be completely white labeled or rebranded with the WPMU DEV Dashboard hero hider.

The Biggest Thing To Happen To Image Optimization Since Smush 1.0

For over 1 million users the free version of Smush is improving the way they optimize images. But if you’re looking to up your page speed, improve image quality and deliver images like a pro it’s time to upgrade.

Get Smush along with her whole team of WordPress optimization hero friends (security, SEO, performance, support and maintenance automation) for unlimited sites – perfect for agencies and freelancers offering site maintenance services. Try Smush Pro free or experience everything WPMU DEV has to offer risk-free with a membership free trial.

Try the all new Smush auto resizing and let us know what you think of her blazing fast CDN. Oh, and don't forget your smush success stories in the comments below :)

Aileen Javier

Aileen Javier Aileen has over 10 years of experience in content writing and content marketing. She’s handled content teams, planned editorial calendars, and managed projects. She’s also written blogs, web copy, social media posts, and email newsletters for brands in different industries.