Read Before Posting

These are a few frequently asked questions about wpmu/wp plugins.

Q: Which plugins do you provide support for?

A: We provide guaranteed support for the plugins available via this site.

Q: What about plugins not available via your site?

A: We’re happy to try and help with other plugins if we have time. Please post support requests for any plugins not available on this site in one of the discussion forums and not the "Plugin Support" forum.

Q: What is the difference between the "mu-plugins" directory and the "plugins" directory?

A: The difference is that any plugin placed in "mu-plugins" is loaded every time WPMU loads. These plugins are enabled for every blog.

Plugins placed inside the "plugins" directory have to be enabled on a "per-blog" basis.

Q: The directions for a Premium plugin tell me to put it in "mu-plugins". Is there any way that I can place it in "plugins" instead?

A: Some of the Premium plugins *might* work inside of "plugins". However, if the instructions tell you to put it in "mu-plugins" then that is the only directory we will support it in.