[The Hub Client] View The Hub as Client


I would like the ability to “see the Hub from client X’s view”. This would enable me to set up different user permission groups and quickly be able to see the Hub from the point of view of these groups.

Imagine a user permission group for Hosting View, Hosting View & Edit, Maintenance View, Full View, Full View & Restricted Edit, etc. There are thousands of combinations of access that can be configured.

Yes I could create a team member account for myself, set it up with a membership to a permission group, log in, and look around. But having to create a team member for each permission group is not scalable. Changing my test account’s permission group every time I wish to see a different view is also not scalable.

The “View as user X” functionality would give me a one-click view into what the Hub looks like from a specific user. This type of functionality is not new and exists in many apps. It could be integrated in the Client Billing > Clients > Client Profile page as a button beside Bill Client (see sample screenshot in reply comment below).

This would also help with troubleshooting: if a particular client asks for support with the Hub I could just click the “View Hub as James” button. I would see what they see, and instantly be able to guide them through their custom Hub.