[Hosting] Hosting resource usage dashboard view or report


As the operations manager for an agency with over 100 hosting plans I want to be able to see a dashboard or report of each hosting plan, site name, memory utilization, disk utilization, and visits so that we can quickly and easily make sure we’re in the right plan for each client.

Current workaround:
Currently we manually open the dashboard for each site and look on two different pages and put that data manually in to a Google Sheet. That time x 100 plans is a huge time-sink for us and so we don’t do it.

How this change would help:
This dashboard or report would help us increase customer satisfaction, reduce operations cost, and increase revenue.

–> Reduced operations cost throuh eliminate a extremely tedius undesirable manual time cost on our team.

–> Increase customer satisfaction by allowing us to upgrade plans before we hit alert levels

–> Increase revenue by upgrading client hosting plans earlier (because we would take the time to check on them).

Thank you for your consideration! To my peers, please vote and comment. I’m sure this will spur some ideas for you as well.