[Hosting] Quantum hosting useless


We were very excited today to see the new hosting option, Quantum. We have been looking for a hosting provider that provides affordable hosting because WPMUDEV’s hosting has always been way too much to resell.

So with excitement, we checked it out, however, it is completely useless for a number of reasons. The two biggest ones are that we cant use one of our templates to clone a site, which is utterly ridiculous. The second is, we can’t downgrade our current accounts that we have been test-driving with WPMUDEV hosting.

We save at least an hour or two by using templates. If you don’t allow us paying customers (we pay a lot for this membership by the way) to use templates on your new Quantum hosting, then how is this even a viable option?

This is a major flaw and lack of judgment. So our search continues to find a permanent hosting provider.