Integrated Video Tutorials Joins the WordPress Gutenberg Party

Integrated Video Tutorials Joins the WordPress Gutenberg Party

The Integrated Video Tutorials plugin now has four new white label how-to videos for helping your clients quickly get up-to-speed with Gutenberg, the new block editor for WordPress.

Integrated Video Tutorials 1.6 joins Hustle, Forminator, and Smush in our collection of plugins with special integrations for the new WordPress editor.

API Connected Video Tutorials for WordPress

Did you know our members have access to a full library of unbranded WordPress how-to video tutorials that integrate directly into the WordPress dashboard? The Integrated Video Tutorials plugin adds professionally created mini tutorials you can embed in both the front and backend of your WordPress website. Save hundreds of hours in client training by providing pre-formatted tutorials as a value-added service.

Plus, we take care of the hosting and video updates, so your sites stay fast and the content stays fresh.

You can read more about the benefits, but we think it’s best when you can try it. So, here’s your free trial membership, including unlimited access to our white label tutorials.

Integrated Video Tutorials in action
Our video library now includes 4 videos for the new WordPress editor.

More Videos

Now, let’s talk upgrades :) WordPress 5.0 introduced a brand new block editor called Gutenberg. With such a massive shift — and ongoing support of the classic editor — we upgraded this plugin by creating 4 brand new videos, including:

  • An Overview of the Gutenberg Editor
  • Adding Posts With the new Editor
  • Adding Pages With the new Editor
  • And, Working With Reusable Blocks

Clean, simple, and unbranded.

Classic Editor Detection

Everyone’s happy, right? We’re not that naive. Blocks are still new, and many big sites and networks are waiting for the new editor to mature before making such a drastic shift.

Integrated video tutorials
Access our library of over 40 WordPress unbranded videos.

Integrated Video Tutorials detects when the Classic Editor plugin is running and automatically connects the correct how-to videos for your system.

Integrated With Gutenberg

While each of the videos can be embedded into your posts and pages, the primary purpose of the plugin is client training. So, we made it easy for you to integrate the videos where your clients need them most.

Integrated videos in Gutenberg dashboard
Integrated Tutorials display directly into the new WordPress dashboard.

Set the Gutenberg training videos to play right from the block editor sidebar. Super handy for new users or for continuing client education when upgrading to blocks.

Give The People More Blocks

As WordPress continues to create more block options, including widget and navigation blocks, we are building more native integrations for the new core interface.

And, If you haven’t tried our other block-integrated plugins yet, you really should. Forminator (super form builder), Hustle (pop-up and marketing), and Smush (web image optimization) all have special Gutenberg integrations and are now available free on

We build the stuff that makes WordPress faster, more secure, and easier to use. If you manage client sites, are a freelancer, or run an agency – upgrade your WordPress sites with a WPMU DEV membership. Get started with our whole collection of Pro plugins, support, and services with no risk using our free trial membership.

Tell us more! What features would you like to see integrated into the new WordPress block editor?

Aileen Javier

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