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3. Security Policies and Procedures

Written by Ronnie Burt | Last updated: August 1, 2022

The security and reliability of our service is our number one priority. We invest heavily in the training of our staff and our infrastructure to ensure that best practices are followed in everything that we do.

See for details on the security of the WordPress core itself.

3.1 Code Requirements

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Prevention is best when it comes to security, and as a first step, WPMU DEV follows all WordPress Code Standards in the plugins that we build.

In addition, we have an extensive internal review and Quality Assurance process in place specifically to prevent potential security vulnerabilities in our plugins and services.

3.2 Employee Policies

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Every WPMU DEV employee goes through background checks and an onboarding process that includes a trial period where access to customer servers and data is provided only when working directly under the supervision of another staff member.

WPMU DEV staff only have access to systems that are directly required to complete the functions of their job. We use dual factor authentication for all critical systems and communications services, and automatically log all staff activity using an internal logging tool, Google ‘G’ Suite features, and Amazon Cloud Trail.

All WPMU DEV staff (including any contractors) undergo initial training to ensure proper understanding of all security-related processes. Staff regularly attend industry conferences and otherwise stay informed of best practices and relevant trends. Staff review and agree, in writing, to all policies and procedures annually.