[The Hub] New clients already hosted on WPMUDev


Something that just occurred to me is what happens when a client approaches us and they already happen to be a WPMUDev customer.

Today we had a new client sign up with us and coincidentally they are hosting their website with you.

After speaking to live chat there is no way to create a client account for them under our Whitelabel brand if they already have an account with you.

At the moment this isn’t a problem as the client registered directly on our website but what happens when we do move over to The Hub, how will we handle customers that happen to already be WPMUDev customers?

Something to think about perhaps?

Live chat suggested asking them to create a team member so we can access their account, but that wouldn’t really work, ideally, we need them to create an account with us so we can bill them using The Hub.