This document aims to help you understand how the WPMU DEV pricing and credit system works.

15.1 Hosting & Membership Plans

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WPMU DEV provides several types of membership, not all of which include hosting credits. Here’s a quick breakdown of that first:

  • Full memberships – Of all our full memberships – Basic, Standard, Freelancer & Agency – only the Agency membership plan includes hosting credits that can be applied toward the cost of your sites hosted by WPMU DEV.
  • Standalone hosting plans – Each standalone hosting plan includes a monthly credit equivalent to the cost of the plan for hosting your site.
  • Single plugin or plugin package membership – These plans do not include hosting credits. You can of course purchase a standalone hosting plan for a site as well if you need.

15.2 Your Hosting Credits

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Whether you’re on our Agency membership or subscribe to a standalone hosting plan, your available hosting credits for the month can be viewed by clicking the button next to Plan on the Hub > Hosting > Overview screen for any hosted site.

Upgrade hosting plan

You can also view your available credits on your WPMU DEV Account page, under the Payments & Billing tab.

View hosting credit on Account page

Full Memberships

If you are on a full membership that includes monthly hosting credit, it will be available to you every month, and will be applied automatically toward the total cost of any sites you have hosted with us.

Standalone Hosting Plans

If you have purchased a standalone hosting plan for your site, you will see a credit each month equivalent to the cost of your plan, which would be applied automatically each month to the hosting cost for your site.

15.3 Adding Additional Sites

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Whether you’re on a full membership, or subscribe to a standalone hosting plan, you can add additional hosted sites to your account at any time.

Additional Sites on a Full Membership

If you add hosted sites on your full membership, any hosting costs over and above any monthly credit which may be included would be billed to your credit card each month.

For example, if you have one site at the Bronze level (at $12/month), and have another site on the Silver hosting plan (at $30/month), that equals a total monthly hosting cost of $42 ($12 + $30). If your available monthly hosting credit is $12, the balance of $30 would be billed to your credit card each month.

Additional Sites Added to Any Standalone Hosting Plan

Any additional hosted site you add to your account, regardless of the standalone hosting plan you’re currently on, would be created at the hosting level you select, and you would incur the additional corresponding charge each month.

If you later upgrade a site to a higher hosting plan, the monthly charge would be adjusted and pro-rated for the current month. Then each subsequent month would be billed at the full cost for the new hosting plan for that added site.