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Hummingbird Pro

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Page Optimizer

Tired of unreliable performance tools that have your sites seeing more red than green?

Hummingbird Pro is the ideal performance plugin for all users - whether you’re looking for simple, one-click solutions, or to fine-tune your site performance down to the last CSS file.

Ace Google PageSpeed Manual or automatic optimization 30 day money-back Cloudflare integrationBONUS 200K active installs 24/7/365 expert live support

Cancel any time, no lock in. 30 day money back 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Performance Test & Reports

  • Desktop and mobile results
  • Monitor site metrics
  • View passed/failed metrics
  • Chrome user experience report

Monitor & Optimize Response Time

  • Ensure your sites are up to speed
  • Monitor server response time
  • Adjust reporting time period

Run Speed Tests

  • Run Google PageSpeed test
  • PS audits + metrics pass/fail
  • Fix PS recommendations
  • Get instant insights

Full Caching Suite

  • Store temporary data on visitor devices
  • One-click activate
  • Page caching
  • Browser caching
  • Gravatar caching
  • RSS caching
  • Automatic or manual
  • CloudFlare CDN

Complete Asset Optimization

  • Compress and better organize assets
  • Improve page load speed
  • Automatic or manual optimization mode
  • Include/exclude specific files
  • Enable WPMU DEV CDN
  • Super-compress files
  • View file size reductions

GZIP Compression

  • Compress web pages and stylesheets
  • Reduce file transfer time
  • Automatic configuration for WPMU DEV Hosting
  • CSS, JavaScript, HTML

45-Point CDN

  • Serve assets and files closer to visitors
  • 45 worldwide locations

Advanced Tools

  • Uptime monitor
  • Database cleanup
  • Lazy load
  • Performance reports

Hummingbird Configs

  • Create your ideal Hummingbird Pro setup
  • One-click apply to all sites
  • Create unlimited configs


All Pro Plugins

All single plugins come with complete access to our Pro Plugins, Full Hub access and all of our services at no extra cost.

Defender Pro
Smush Pro
Hummingbird Pro
Hustle Pro
Forminator Pro
SmartCrawl Pro
Branda Pro
Integrated Video
Shipper Pro
Beehive Pro
Snapshot Pro

Full Hub access

Run Automated Updates, configs, performance, uptime, analytics, reports, support, client billing and white labeling management from one command center.

The WPMU DEV Full Membership gives you all the features to work like a pro. Learn more

All Features

Generate performance reports

Recommended speed improvements

Browser caching

Full-page caching

Gravatar caching

RSS caching

Minify files

Google font optimization

Combine files

Database Cleanup

Cloudflare APO

Remove URL query strings

Set load position

Simple GZIP configuration

Advanced asset optimization controls

Multisite asset optimization

Defer/inline assets

Easy sync with uptime monitor

Down and slow load notifications

Track average page speed

Optimize WooCommerce Cart Fragments

Emojis Control

Apply settings to sites in bulk with configs

Quick 5-step setup wizard

Redis object caching integration

45-point WPMU DEV CDN

Lazy load comments

Critical CSS

Prefetch/preconnect options

Recommended by WordPress web developers

WordPress web developers from all over the world prefer WPMU DEV, with an average rating of 4.9/5, over 5,000 five-star reviews, and winners of thirteen G2 best product awards.

Web Developers Choice

The number one choice of WordPress web developers

Smush image optimization plugin

Back-to-back Torque Plugin Madness winners


Page Optimization

Do I need Hummingbird if I already have a caching plugin like WP Rocket or W3 Total Cache? What if the caching service is already offered by my Hosting?

Yes! Of course, our cache suite is more than enough, but if you already use WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, or if your Hosting provides those features, the special monitoring tools Hummingbird offers still make it worth it. To ensure compatibility, only activate overlapping features in one of the caching tools

Does Hummingbird work with Cloudflare?

Yes! Hummingbird is built to take full advantage of Cloudflare features. Just plug in your API key to get started and control your Cloudflare settings via Hummingbird.

Does Hummingbird Pro support Multisite and what plan do I need?

Yes! Hummingbird Pro is 100% compatible with Multisite and includes network-wide controls.

Will Hummingbird serve my files with a CDN?

Yes! If you become a member, you’ll be able to enable the WPMU DEV CDN and we will host your CSS and Javascript files on our CDN with no bandwidth limits.
This means your files will be served from 45 locations around the world using the closest to each visitor, how awesome is that? And if you’re already using a third-party CDN like Cloudflare, you can use the WPMU DEV CDN as well, just make sure that the content you serve on both does not overlap. You can learn more about our CDN in our docs.

What does Hummingbird Pro give me vs. Hummingbird Free?

There are a number of advanced features you won’t find with the free version, including: Uptime Monitoring (enabled by default on all newly created WPMU DEV hosted sites), and Pro Notifications (enable and manage notifications/reports for advanced features). Also, since Hummingbird Pro is also only available with a WPMU DEV membership plan, by default you’re getting automatic access to our entire suite of performance, security, backup, and white labeling tools – not to mention 24/7/365 expert support (including live chat).

What if I just want Hummingbird Pro? Can I get it on its own?

It’s kind of a package deal around here (in a good way!). Every WPMU DEV plan comes with a number of pro plugins (including Hummingbird Pro) to help optimize performance, security, updates, backups, white labeling, and more. We’ve ensured our lowest members plan is incredibly affordable and on-par with the normal cost of a pro WordPress plugin. It’s also completely up to you if you want to activate or utilize our other pro plugins and The Hub - think of them as bonus tools that are there if you need them.

Trial & Membership

Why do I need to add a credit card for the free trial? What if I forget to cancel?

First of all, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you’re covered in that respect. If you’re loving the service and want to stick around after the trial, we’ll use the card you have on file for payment processing… you wouldn’t want to lose the services after all.

But equally, if you want to cancel at any time then just visit ‘My Account’ – it’s super easy.

If it renews and you intended to cancel, no problem! We totally understand. Just contact us within 30 days of your first payment and we will provide a refund, no questions asked – except we’ll likely ask how we can improve to keep you around next time. ;)

How do I know which WPMU DEV plan is right for me?

We offer a number of different membership plans catering to businesses and freelancers of all levels. The best course of action would be to check out our pricing page. Here you’ll find a breakdown of each plan, what features and add-ons are included, how many sites you can connect, limitations versus other plans, and more. Our helpful sales team will also be on hand to assist you if you have any questions or if you’re having trouble deciding.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely, if you're not happy at all in any way we’ll refund your most recent payment absolutely no questions asked (well, ok we will ask you how we can improve or if we did anything wrong so we can get better, but you are absolutely free to leave without an explanation and we’ll refund you the lot!)

Have more questions?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any additional questions!


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