This guide explains the features available in the Overview tab of the WPMU DEV hosting dashboard.

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Use the index on the left to quickly locate usage guidance on specific features.

The Hosting Dashboard for any hosted site can be accessed from that site’s dashboard by clicking the Hosting > Overview link in the sidebar menu.

Have Sites on the Quantum Plan?

Note that several features detailed in this document are not available for sites on the Quantum hosting plan. See Quantum Plan Restrictions for details.

Hosting overview screen for a WPMU DEV hosted site in the Hub

Use the sidebar menu to navigate to specific hosting features of your site. You may also find just what you need on the overview screen itself.

Hosting information

Your Primary domain is the main domain name for your site. Keep in mind that it is possible to have multiple domains associated with a single site, but only one can be set as the Primary; all other domains associated with the site will resolve to the Primary domain.

Domains information in Hosting overview

For example, when you first create your website– before you add a permanent domain– your site will have a temporary domain with the suffix, as in When you add a permanent domain, you will need to select it as the primary domain, but the temporary domain will continue to be associated with the site.

Click the pencil icon to jump to the domain editor and set a new primary domain name. Learn more about adding your custom domain in the Adding Domains guide.

The CNAME is associated with your site, and while a site will work with A records or AAAA records, we recommend using the CNAME whenever possible.

Learn more about CNAME and other DNS records in the DNS Records guide.

Your current hosting plan is shown here.

Upgrade hosting plan

Click the Upgrade/Downgrade or Resize button to see your plan options and change your plan.

Choose new hosting plan when upgrading

Plan information includes:

  • Monthly Per Site Cost
  • Dedicated memory included with each plan
  • Number of CPUs included
  • Storage included with each plan
  • Bandwidth included with each plan
  • An estimate of monthly visitors each plan can handle


The summary calculates the cost for each plan based on any available hosting credit applied. To change your plan, select a new plan option and then click Upgrade/Downgrade or Resize to complete your payment.

Hosting plan summary

Hosting plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. If you are uncertain about whether you need to change your hosting plan, more information can be found in the Plans & Usage Limits document.

The Region field shows the region you choose to store your content. It is best to choose a region near your primary audience to improve the performance of your website.

Changing regions requires migrating your site. Our migration tool makes the migration process relatively simple, but we recommend reading Locations and Regions before proceeding. If you are sure you want to migrate a site in order to change regions, see our guide to Migrating an existing site.


Because changing to a new region requires a migration, you will be required to update your DNS records as you will be assigned a new dedicated IP address. See our Domains & DNS guide for detailed instructions on modifying your DNS.

SFTP and SSH users for a hosted site

This section lists the number of SFTP and SSH accounts active for the current site’s Production and Staging environments. Click on the blue pencil icon next to SFTP Users or SSH Users to be taken to the SFTP/SSH Accounts user management tool.

See our SFTP & SSH guide for more information.

2.5 Management Tools

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The Overview dashboard provides quick access to several management tools which include:

  • PHP Version
  • WordPress Version
  • Database
  • Files

Hosting tools features

2.5.1 PHP Version

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This field lists the current version of PHP that is running for your website. Click the blue pencil icon to choose a different version of PHP.

Current PHP version for a hosted site

This opens the Change PHP Version module. Use the dropdown menu to select a new version. Click Apply button to save your changes or Cancel to close the module.

change PHP version

This feature is also available under the Tools tab and more information can be found in the PHP Versions document.

2.5.2 WordPress Version

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This shows the current version of WordPress core running on your server. Click the refresh icon after running an update to verify that the version updated successfully.

Refresh WordPress version


Sites hosted by WPMU DEV are checked every 12 hours and always receive minor WordPress core updates automatically.

2.5.3 Database

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Click the Manage link to go straight to the phpMyAdmin interface for your production site. If you have created a staging site, you will also see a link for the Staging Database that will take you to phpMyAdmin for your staging site.

See our Database document for more details about the tools offered by phpMyAdmin.

2.5.4 Files

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Links to the File Manager for a hosted site

Click the Manage link to go straight to the File Manager for your production site. If you have created a staging site, you will also see a link for the staging files that will take you to the File Manager for your staging site.

See our Files document for more details about the tools offered in the File Manager.

The Backup section shows when your last backup was taken and the total backup points that are available.

Backups information in hosting overview

WPMU DEV Hosting automatically captures a backup each day, and manual backups can be created anytime. Backups are removed after 30-days.

Click on the Backups tab to jump to the Backups menu to view all your backup points for one-click restoration. The WPMU DEV Hosting Backups document provides detailed information about the available backup features.

Hourly Backups

Just under the Backups information, you’ll see an option to activate the Hourly Backups paid add-on if needed.

Hourly backups option in hosting overview

With this add-on enabled, backups are created every hour, giving you up to 720 restore points every 30 days. This can be handy if you have a very active e-commerce site and don’t want to risk losing any recent orders if your site experiences issues.

Click the Activate Hourly Backups button to pop open a modal window where you’ll be prompted to confirm the add-on purchase. You’ll then see the feature listed as Active.

Hourly backups active in hosting overview

You can activate this add-on on each site individually from this screen. To activate it on multiple sites, and to manage your hourly backups, visit the Add-ons tab of your WPMU DEV Account page.

Manage the hourly backups on from the addons screen


Did you know that WPMU DEV supports multiple ways to backup sites, including hosting backups, managed backups, and backups created with either of two versions of our Snapshot plugin? To help you make an informed decision on which backup option is best for your project, see our Backups FAQs doc.

The Analytics display gives a snapshot overview of basic 30-day analytics, including:

  • Visits
  • Requests
  • Bandwidth Usage


The Storage display refers specifically to the SSD storage capacity provided with each of our hosting plans. Features like dedicated RAM, CPUs, and bandwidth are essential performance factors but have no impact on storage capacity or usage. More on how storage works and how it is calculated can be found in the Storage document.


Detailed live stats, storage information, and traffic data can be accessed using the Analytics tab near the top of the hosting dashboard. In addition, a thorough guide to the Analytics tab can be found in Analytics.

2.8 Hosting Support

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Need help understanding any aspect of the Hosting Dashboard? WMPU DEV members have access to 24/7 live support.