WPMU DEV offers free trial memberships to allow users to explore our products and services at no risk. And signing up with WPMU DEV couldn’t be easier; you can even sign up with your Google account if you wish! The guidelines for these trial memberships are explained below.

Signing up

1.1 Free Trial Guidelines

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The following guidelines for free trial memberships are intended to minimize the potential for abuse so the program can continue.

  • Only one free trial is allowed per person or business ever, the same person creating duplicate accounts in order to get multiple free trials is against our TOS, and we employ various methods internally to detect and respond to that kind of abuse.
  • Trials are limited to one time per WordPress site. This means that once a domain is registered with WPMU DEV, it is impossible to use the same domain with a free trial account at any time in the future.
  • While on a free trial, WPMU DEV plugins can only be installed on a site via the WPMU DEV Dashboard that must first be installed & activated on that site. They cannot be downloaded individually, and they cannot be installed by any other means like WP-CLI or Composer. (Note that full premium members can download and install them manually or by such automated processes though.)
  • Hosted sites created while on a free trial are password-protected by default, and this restriction can only be removed by activating your membership or hosting plan.

1.2 Troubleshooting Trial Memberships

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If you have difficulty logging into the Dashboard plugin as a trialist, there can be a few causes, and the solution is different for each case.

  • Problem: You already completed one free trial, or you were previously a full member, and now you’re trying to start another trial.
    Solution: Log back in to your original account and activate your full Premium Membership. We’re worth it!
  • Problem: Your developer previously logged in with their WPMU DEV account, but you created a new WPMU DEV account for yourself when they handed off the site to you.
    Solution: Activate your current Premium Membership account by skipping the free trial period. This will let you use WPMU DEV on your domain.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 Live Support.

1.3 Coupons and Promotions

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In some cases, our sales team can offer you a new trial period or provide you with a WPMU DEV membership discount coupon.

We also run occasional promotions such as the “Black Friday Offers” and provide our members with exclusive discounts on different WordPress products and services.

For more information, get in touch with our sales team.